Can Kompass solutions help me to develop my business internationally?

Of course !

To develop your business internationally, one of the essential requirements is to accurately identify which companies to contact. This can be done by refining searches, above and beyond the basic company information which is often widely available. With the help of our unique classification system, the Kompass database allows users to establish whether companies are producers, distributors or service providers of their listed products and services. In addition users benefit from the level of detail that is available in the Kompass classification system, currently including more than 55 000 product and service headings, which is second to none.

With regular updates, we can help you to find up to date contact information for decision makers in order to help grow your business locally or internationally.

In addition, our international online promotion solution will optimise your company profile for search engines across 70 countries

70 Countries

26 Languages

& international