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Feature 1: Advanced processing techniques covered by patents and know-hows. DAISAN CO., LTD. implements the intellectual property strategy no other company can compete with, using our unique patented technology and its application technology on which patent application is made as needed, and by using know-hows the use of our unique technology.
Feature 2: Contribution to resource and energy saving
DAISAN CO., LTD. 's products are designed to configure an entire product with single material, such as a filter whose frame and mesh parts are integrally molded, so that after they become unnecessary, they don't have to be sorted before being crushed, and can be recycled as plastic material easily and with less cost. In addition, the product group that uses slide plate technology, which is our unique technology too, enables products and goods to be moved easily using the object's own weight or manpower and helps to save electricity and engine energy.
Feature 3: Quick response to customers' needs
At DAISAN CO., LTD., products are produced integrally from solution proposal to customer's needs, to drawing, die manufacturing and molding. Message from the president

DAISAN CO., LTD. was established as a manufacturer of die for plastic molding in 1981. We then focused our business on a fine resin filter whose mesh and frame parts were integrally molded, which led to an invention of "derivative limb" technology and acquisition of its patent. The derivative limb technology is to guide molten resin to flow smoothly in the complicated die during plastic injection molding. This technology was introduced on the JETRO's public relations magazine in 1992. In the field of plastic molding, patent acquisition is said to be difficult, but luckily, novelty and inventive step of our "derivative limb" technology were evaluated highly and the patent right was granted. We have been utilizing this "derivative limb" technology since then to introduce to the market variety of complicated or fine shape molded products such as filters for air conditioner, thin-make tray, slider board, slider stock, and DAISAN eco boxes, which are difficult to manufacture with conventional technologies. All of our products are made of single material and are environmentally friendly, as they can be crushed and regenerated easily once they become unnecessary.

Product 1: "Fine resin filter"
Filters with integrally molded mesh and frame parts, without unwoven fabric parts, enable to remove dust from filters easily. In dusty or heavy yellow sand areas, clogged filters are often the problem. With our one-piece molded resin filters, cleaning is simple by brushing or simply washing with water.
Product 2: "Slider Board"
Slider Board is a resin board which reduces friction resistant of object's surface and enables users to push and pull heavy object easily by laying it on the floor. This tools works magic in area where a lot of manpower is required for cargo handling or factories or at companies in which energy saving is emphasized.
Product 3: "Thin-make eco tray"
Thin-make eco tray is a high precision plastic thin wall tray based on our unique derivative limb technology, and provides solution to a problem that conventional vacuum formed tray has when transporting precision equipment in poor road conditions, where equipment is shaken and dusts enter inside, causing defects. Our tray is ideal for a returnable box as it endures washing and warm air dry, and can be used repeatedly.
Product 4: "DAISAN eco box"
The bottom plate and the upper frame are the same size, and the height of the body made of corrugated plastic can be selected at the time of order according to the purpose of use. With the bottom plate, upper frame, body, and rivets all made of single material, DAISAN eco box is a re source saving product which allows easy recycling.




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