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Feature 1: We are a "maverick and advanced" mold manufacturing company
We have developed an internet environment from its early days and are focused on giving and receiving orders both domestic and abroad via internet. We aim to advance to a "group of intellectuals" where intellect combines with and fuses into a group of engineers and as such we put up the slogan of "achieving a maverick and advanced company" not bound by any stereotype. The introduction of "annual salary system" under which our salaries vary depending on the half-term evaluation is one of such efforts. In addition, section chiefs are nominated recommended by others or by self-recommendation for one year term appointment and their salaries are evaluated according to their performance with respect to their responsibility. That is, our company is governed by the principle of "self-responsibility and self-help" where all employees work according to their preferred life style including the setting of annual holidays.
Feature 2: Engineering consulting
Our company dispatches engineers to companies overseas not only to provide technical assistance but also to find new customers in collaboration with our customers. We are meeting the needs of our customers in coordination with them, for example, by providing our high-quality parts to overseas companies and helping them to manufacture simple parts at their plants overseas.
Feature 3: We are not simply a mold manufacturing company.
We are not just a company capable of "manufacturing only molds", but we are building a company capable of dealing with businesses peripheral to our core business in collaboration with a group of partner companies, including product flow, solidification analysis (CAE), prototype sample products, mold manufacturing, casting prototype manufacturing, inspection, product processing and others.
Uogishi Seiki Interactive is a well-established mold manufacturer founded in 1946 and owns technological capabilities cultivated over many years and a wealth of know-how. In collaboration with a leading automobile manufacturer in Japan, we are conducting a wide range of operations including suggestions for improvement, product design, prototype production, mold manufacturing, and trial of prototypes as well as inspection in the planning and development of new products. We have introduced a few 5-axis machining machines to manufacture transmissions, valves, bodies, timing chains, air suspensions, compressors and others. In addition, we own a die casting plant and a mold manufacturing plant in Thailand (Bangkok) and China (Pinghu).

Product 1: Design and manufacturing of large die-casting molds
(Manufacturing of molds for mass casting of various aluminum parts such as automobiles)



  • Die.Casting.Mold. 


  • タイプ:

    ISO 9001 2015



  • 会社

    20名〜49名 Employees



  • Mr Tsutomu Uogishi


  • Mr S. U.

    Marketing Director

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