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Company Summary

Manufacturer of metalworking machine tools and ancillary equipment such as follows;
1)precision unit: spindle unit (boring spindle, gun drilling spindle, facing spindle, milling spindle & drilling spindle), inducer(rotary joint), feed unit, hydraulic feed unit, mechanical feed unit, hydraulic valve, coolant valve, shut off valve, splash gun, (oil cleaning gun, oil blow gun, cleaning gun, blow gun) and index table;
2)special unit: boring spindle for tool correction system, built-in spindle, special facing spindle, special milling spindle including those for cylinder block, Samson tool correction system, coolant gun, gun drill holder, gun drill socket, drilling socket and special boring spindle, multi spindle.
3)special purpose machine: boring machine for piston, Conrad, brake caliper, camshaft, crankshaft, head cylinder, cylinder head, block cylinder and cylinder block , milling machine, gun drilling machine, rotary index machine, centering machine, drilling /tapping machine, etc.
4)air purge system: micro-fog lubrication (oil mist lubrication)

Companies that represent us: (Worldwide)Asahi Corporation, Tel.81-52-563-1071, Fax.81-52-563-1077, Mr.Ohta(k.ohta@asahi-cop.co.jp)




  • 会社

    50名〜99名 Employees



  • Mr Motoharu Asakura


  • Mr T. S.

    Export Director

  • Mr M. A.

    Finance Director



  • メーカー(P)
  • 流通業(D)
  • Service provider

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